Welcome to FaceOff, where innovation meets entertainment! As a dynamic and forward-thinking entertainment and media company, FaceOff specializes in crafting authentic band culture spaces and one-of-a-kind music competition platforms. Our commitment to showcasing the diverse talents of artists, musicians, and performers from across the performing arts diaspora sets us apart in the industry.

At FaceOff, we believe in fostering a creative and collaborative environment that encourages fresh ideas and groundbreaking concepts. As we continue to expand and realize our vision, we are on the lookout for passionate individuals who are ready to contribute their unique talents to our team. If you’re seeking a vibrant and exciting career in the world of entertainment, FaceOff is the place for you. Join us on our journey to redefine the boundaries of music and entertainment!

Current Openings:

Social Media Manager: The Faceoff Social Media Manager is responsible for coordinating, overseeing, and managing all company social media accounts. Social media accounts include, but are not limited to, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X/Twitter, and YouTube. This person will work closely with our staff, reporting to the Director of Marketing, to develop social media strategies and campaigns that help us achieve our goals.

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Graphic Artist: The Faceoff Graphic Artist is responsible for translating concepts into visually compelling and aesthetically pleasing designs. You play a crucial role in the creative process, working closely with the Chief Brand Officer and Director of Marketing. Your tasks include creating eye-catching graphics, illustrations, and layouts for a variety of mediums, such as digital platforms, print materials, and marketing collateral. Proficiency with design software is essential. A keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality work is expected.  


Content Manager: The Faceoff Content Manager is responsible for overseeing the creation, curation, and distribution of multimedia content across various channels. Your role is essential in conveying the narrative for the company. This involves developing and implementing a comprehensive content strategy that aligns with our overall goals and target audience. Collaboration with other departments is critical to ensure a unified message.