FaceOff is an entertainment and multimedia company that produces innovative band culture spaces and music competition platforms. We feature artists, musicians, and performers across the diaspora of performing arts.

FaceOff is the brainchild of Co-Founders D’Javon Alston & Rich Trotman who recognized a need for professionally curated spaces that promote the authentic expression of our culture. On July 1, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana FaceOff launched it’s inaugural event ‘On the Kit’ a 3-way versus-style drum-battle where three of the most phenomenal musicians on the planet competed for five quarters. The electrifying performances from Xavier Ware (Champion), Julian Allred (Runner Up), and KJ Garner (Second Runner Up) were scored by a panel of accomplished judges with audience interaction for the Fan Favorite Award (Julian Allred). As a team, we believe in heart centered love led competition for the purpose of mutual growth and this unprecedented event marks the beginning of a new era. It’s more than competition, its collaboration!

Our intention is to create spaces that elevate artistic expression and connect creatives.

Our objective is to elevate the presentation of music performance through innovation and collaboration. We do this by:

  • Providing professionally-curated world class stages for performers to compete, grow, and authentically express their artistry for cultural entertainment.
  • Fostering a community of artists, musicians, performers, organizations, supporters, ambassadors, and appreciators.
  • Creating new and reimagined competitive formats.

We envision extraordinary experiences where gifted artists compete in professionally-curated spaces scored by judges for the entertainment of the audience, evolution of the artists, and the empowerment of the collective. Follow Us everywhere @itsafaceoff to stay in tune and tapped in with our next move.

It’s band. It’s culture. It’s entertainment. It’s a FaceOff!


On The kit

‘On the Kit’ is a 3-way versus-style drum-battle where the most phenomenal musicians on the planet compete for 4 quarters! Each quarter presents unique challenges for the drummers to demonstrate their skills and ability through segments like “Pocket Locks” where we see how tight each drummer’s pocket is. With “Pocket Locks” each drummer demonstrates their ability to stay locked in the pocket by playing a simple groove at a defined tempo with a click track that spontaneously drops.

‘On The Kit’ is adjudicated by a panel of accomplished judges who are assigned relevant captions like General Effect, Creativity, and Technical Proficiency. In addition to the judging panel we have a Fan Favorite Award for the fans to vote on their favorite performer!

2022 Season Results: Champion – Xavier Ware, Runner Up – Julian Allred, and Second Runner Up – KJ Garner.

Do you have what it takes to be the next FaceOff ‘On The Kit’ Champion? Register below and we will find out! Follow Us Everywhere @itsafaceoff. It’s Band. It’s Culture. It’s Entertainment. It’s A FaceOff!



2022 FaceOff ‘On The Kit’ Recap